Lagarde is a fun restaurant to describe; come as you are, neighborhood driven, irreverent, edgy, family friendly, fun, screams sharing and above all, beautiful. All of the senses are touched, even the sixth one. Lagarde is also a very personal concept for Chef Jamie Adams and Leonardo Moura. It is the merging of two friends’ dreams. 

As they were conceptualizing Jamie started by thinking about his mom’s red beans and rice, ham grits and grillade gravy, and the first oyster his dad made him eat. His dad was fond of a great whiskey sour or fresh peach daquiri.

Then the two of them started to think about family gathering and enjoying delicious food and fun times. Jamie has a lot of memories of New Orleans home cooking.

The mission is to prioritize community and it aims to be a gathering place with a casual, yet elevated food menu and a great bar atmosphere boasting an incredible array of influences, past and present.  

The beverage program features a great bourbon selection, adult slushees, and classic New Orleans cocktails. 

Lagarde also happens to be Jamie’s middle name that was inherited from his grandmother and settled as the name of the restaurant in a trip to NOLA by Jamie and Leo while seating at the patio at the Commander’s Palace Restaurant.

The Logo took almost a year to be fully designed. The eagle represents the free spirited and the bold. The eagle rests on the A for America, which is surrounded by the fifty stars or states. Lastly, the red star represents the state of GA and where we are in this vast land. The flowers are from a metal fence passed down by Jamie’s mom. “Bon Temps” describes our most fund memories “past, present and future” or the good times we had, we are having, and the ones that is yet to come.

Jamie and Leo also think that every great community should have their own Lagarde, so you never know when we will be moving in close to you! 😉

When visiting Lagarde and enjoying a meal or some beverages at just remember to Laissez les bons temps rouler “Let the Good Times Roll”.